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The method uses local sequence alignments (BLAST) to find similar sequences (potential homologs) for one or several input sequences. The program extracts all GO terms associated to each of the obtained hits and returns an evaluated GO annotation for the query sequence(s). Enzyme codes are obtained by mapping from equivalent GOs while InterPro motifs can directly be queried at the InterProScan web service. A basic annotation process with Blast2GO PRO consists of 3 steps: blasting, mapping and annotation. These steps will be described in this manual including further explanations and information on additional functions.

Blast2GO PRO main features:

  • Gene Ontology Mapping of Blast results

  • Functional Annotation

  • InterProScan Domain Searches

  • GO-Slim Reduction

  • Statistics Charts

  • Various data import and export formats

More information

For further information, please visit the Blast2GO website  or check out the new application note here.


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